Dr Song, Wei She


            TCM doctor  

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Chinese,  English 


Bachelors Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professional Experiences:

TCM Doctor, Everwell Chinese Medical Centre,

Attending Physician, The First Hospital of Beijing Medical University, Aug 1997 -

Resident, The First Hospital of Beijing Medical University, Aug 1992 - Jul 1997

Intern, Friendship hospital of China and Japan, July 1991 - July 1992


Member of British Acupuncture Council, Membership No. 957489

Member of the China Acupuncture Association

Publications and Achievements :

Study on Effect of Acupuncture on Local Blood Flow in Cerebral Ischemic Lesion by SPECT 

Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Volume 17, NO.3 1997

Experience of the Treatment of Frequent Urinationly Acupuncture and Chinese Massage

Chinese Manipulation & Qi Gong Therapy, NO.6 1996

Won scholarship every year in University

Awarded the title of excellent Doctor in 1993 and 1995 (China)

2010 - present

2010 - present

Specialties :

Combine Chinese material medicine with acupuncture and massage, have made much improvement in the treatment of common disease, frequently encountered disease and difficult and complicated cases, such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, essential hypertension, chronic gastritis, cholecystitis, cerebral thrombosis, neurosis, menoxenia, dysfunction uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea, climacteric syndrome, pelvic inflammation, leukorrhagia, urinary infection, enuresis, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylopathy, torticollis, acute lumbar muscle sprain, external humeral epicondylitis, sciatica, facial paralysis, tinnitus, etc.



Have trained over 40 foreign students of different countries to learn TCM, and was highly evaluated for fluent English and abundant experience in clinic.


How to Find us:




London1:  7 Little Newport Street, London WC2H 7JJ

     Tel: 020 7287 1086 /7437 4910 / Fax: 020 7437 4910

     Email: london1@everwell.co.uk

London2:  54-56 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6LR

     Tel: 020 7287 6117/3336  /Fax:020 7287 6117

       Email: london2 @everwell.co.uk

London5:  24 Lisle Street, London WC2H 7BA

     Tel: 020 7437 6029

     Email: london5 @everwell.co.uk

London6:  9 Adelaide Street, London WC2N 4HZ

       Tel: 020 7836 1355/Fax: 020 7836 1355

        Email: london6@everwell.co.uk

(Closed permanently. Please call 020 7287 0805 for enquiry)


London7:  36 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5QA

      Tel: 020 7287 0805

      Email: london7@everwell.co.uk

London9:  27 Skylines Village, Canary Wharf, London E14 9XZ                   

      Tel: 020 7515 8118

       Email: london9@everwell.co.uk

(Closed permanently. Please call 020 7287 0805 for enquiry)

London11:  14 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0HR

      Tel: 020 7240 3090

      Email: london11@everwell.co.uk

(Closed Temporarily. Please call number above for consultation)

London12:  7 Wardour Street, London W1D 6PE

       Tel: 020 7734 8886

       Email: london12@everwell.co.uk

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