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Covid-19 PCR Fit to Fly & IgM Test

Everwell Testing Centre is a testing agency designated by the Chinese Embassy


Everwell Testing Centre cooperated with the official British testing centre to carry out Covid-19 PCR nucleic acid testing (fit to fly) and Covid-19 IgM antibody testing. The test report certificate is sent to the customer via email. 


There are two types:

1) Results in 24 hours: Send to the laboratory at 16:30, and the results will be sent to your email before or around 19:00 the next day.

2) Results on the same day: If you want the result before or around 3pm on the same day, please book  the sample taken time before 8:30am. If you would like to have the result back before 9pm, Please book the sample taken time  no later than 2pm.

Our center open from Monday to Sunday including most of public holidays. 


Please  Notes:

1. Do not eat, or drink coffee or beverages one hour before the test to avoid affecting the accuracy of the result. Normal water will be fine.

2. Regardless of whether it is a transfer or direct flight, you must apply for a green code in the UK if you travel to China. After completing the test, you need to upload our special report to apply for the green code. We report to the Chinese Embassy  UK every day, and the Embassy will approve the green code soon after verification.

3. For transfer flight, you need to apply for a green code when you transfer from the UK to the transit point. We will send the original reports of the cooperative laboratories to you. You do not need to upload the original report to apply for the green code, just for the boarding gate inspection.

4. Once the direct flight is resumed, no green code will be issued to the transfer flight, and only direct flights can be selected. Please refer to the update from the Chinese Embassy or destination government website.

5. Following Information must be provided when making an appointment. The reference format is:




Date of Birth:



Passport Number:

Name and dose of Covid-19 Vaccination:

Your flight info:



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Notice on Simplified Requirements for the Application of Health Declaration Certificate for Passengers form UK to China

source from the Chinese Embassy, 2022-05-27 05:49

Effective from the date of publication of this notice, day-7 prior test, Igm antibody test and N-protein test are no longer required for the passengers from the UK to China for the application of Health Declaration Certificate, and X-ray film or CT scan of lung is no longer required for the pre-approval for the passengers with infection record of COVID-19. 

Details of the simplified requirements are as follows:

Ⅰ. Passengers from the UK to China need to take two PCR tests for COVID-19 within 48 hours of their departure from the UK; At least one of the tests must be taken within 12 hours of departure from the UK. 

For those who depart the UK between 0:00 and 18:00 and can not take a PCR test within 12 hours of departure, at least one of the two PCR tests needs to be taken within 24 hours of departure from the UK, and an additional lateral flow test within 12 hours of departure from the UK is required.

Ⅱ. All the tests must be taken in one of the approved clinics, whose list can be found at the end of this notice. 

Passengers can take all the tests in one clinic, or take separate tests in different clinics. 

For those whose test results are all negative, please click here to apply for the Health Declaration Certificate green code.

Ⅲ. The documents needed for the application of the Health Declaration Certificate are: all the test reports, a photocopy of passport bio data page and visa page, as well as an itinerary. 

If the test reports come from more than one clinic, the provider of the second PCR test should be quoted in the application as “test provider”.

Ⅳ. The Chinese Embassy in the UK, the Chinese Consulates-General in Manchester, Edinburgh, and Belfast will process all the applications in a timely manner. Nevertheless, passengers are advised to submit their applications at least 3 hours before departure to avoid failure in acquiring the Health Declaration Certificate green code in time.

Ⅴ. Passengers with infection records of Covid-19 need to apply for  pre-approval at least 6 weeks before their scheduled departure from the UK. Please send two PCR test reports with negative results to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General nearest to you via the email addresses listed below:

Chinese Embassy in UK: testreportuk@gmail.com

Chinese Consulate-General in Manchester: lingshixiezhu_man@163.com

Chinese Consulate-General in Edinburgh: lsxz_edi@163.com

Chinese Consulate-General in Belfast: chinacnbft@gmail.com

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