Covid-19 PCR Fit to Fly & IgM Test

Everwell Testing Centre is a testing agency designated by the Chinese Embassy


Everwell Testing Centre cooperated with the official British testing centre to carry out Covid-19 PCR nucleic acid testing (fit to fly) and Covid-19 IgM antibody testing. The test report certificate is sent to the customer via email. 


There are three types:

1) Results in 24 hours: Send to the laboratory at 16:30, and the results will be available around 19:00 the next day.

2) Results on the same day: samples will be taken before 9:00 in the morning and sent to the laboratory at 10:30. The results will be sent out before 12 o'clock in the evening of the same day.

3) Results within 48 hours: sent to the laboratory at 16:30, results will be available before 19:00 on the third day.


Sample taken arrangement:

Monday to Saturday 11:00-15:00. If you require results on the same day, you need to take samples before 9:00am in the morning. In order to facilitate the arrangement, the scheduled sampling needs to be at least one day in advance. 


Please  Notes:

1. Do not eat, drink, or drink coffee or beverages two hours before the test to avoid affecting the accuracy of the result.

2. Regardless of whether it is a transfer or direct flight, you must apply for a green code in the UK if you travel to China. After completing the test, you need to upload our special report to apply for the green code. We report to the Chinese Embassy  UK every day, and the Embassy will approve the green code soon after verification.

3. For transfer flight, you need to apply for a green code when you transfer from the UK to the transit point. We will send the original reports of the cooperative laboratories to you. You do not need to upload the original report to apply for the green code, just for the boarding gate inspection.

4. Once the direct flight is resumed, no green code will be issued to the transfer flight, and only direct flights can be selected.

5. Gender information must be provided when making an appointment. The reference format is:




Date of Birth:



Passport Number:


Welcome to make an appointment online, or scan the QR code.​


Please see below for the clinic contact numbers  or email us for any queries.

Notice on Designated Institutions for Nucleic Acid and IgM Antibody Tests for Personnel Intending to Travel to China


In order to stop trans-border spread of COVID-19, personnel intending to travel to China need to take nucleic acid and antibody (IgM) tests at designated institutions starting from 19th February 2021. 

Detailed requirements are as follows: 

I. Taking Nucleic Acid and Antibody Tests in Designated Institutions 

a, Travelers to China need to take nucleic acid and antibody tests at institutions designated by the Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the UK (the list can be found at the end of this page) on the day or within the previous 2 days of departure from the UK. Tests taken at institutions that are not on the list will not be accepted. 

b, When providing nucleic acid and antibody samples, travelers are advised to request the institution to inform the Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in the UK of the test results, and authorize the institutions to share necessary personal information, including but not limited to name, gender, date of birth, passport number and test results. 

c, Only those tested negative for nucleic acid and IgM antibody are to be issued the digital Health Declaration Form with HDC sign for traveling to China. 

II. Application for Digital Health Declaration Form with HDC sign 

Non-Chinese nationals need to apply for a Digital Health Declaration Form online (click to read the instructions). A copy of the passenger's itinerary and valid Chinese visa issued in the UK (click to check if the visa is valid) should be uploaded as well as the test results. 

III. Special Tips 

a, The Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the UK will no longer issue digital Health Declaration Form to personnel traveling to China via a third country or region once direct flights resume. It is advised that payment for travel fare should be made as close to the planned departure date from the UK as possible. 

b, If departure is in the morning, application for Digital Health Declaration Form with HDC sign must be made before 9:00 pm the previous evening so that processing and issuance could be completed in time . 

c, The digital Health Declaration Form is only one of the documents needed for boarding the flight. Transiting via a third country or region is subject to the regulations of the relevant country or district where the procedures for digital Health Declaration Form issuance may be different. Please check with the relevant airlines or relevant authorities for further details. 

d, The list of designated institutions will be updated as needed. Please check the latest updates before booking a test. 

How to Find us:




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       Email: london2

London5:  24 Lisle Street, London WC2H 7BA

     Tel: 020 7437 6029

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London6:  9 Adelaide Street, London WC2N 4HZ

       Tel: 020 7836 1355/Fax: 020 7836 1355


(Closed permanently. Please call 020 7287 0805 for enquiry)


London7:  36 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5QA

      Tel: 020 7287 0805


London9:  27 Skylines Village, Canary Wharf, London E14 9XZ                   

      Tel: 020 7515 8118


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