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Name:Covered Tea Bowl



The covered tea bowl is an interesting ware that contains a rich background.
The covered tea bowl is made from a unique mold and created with exquisite fabrication. It usually includes two or three parts — the lid, bowl and saucer. The bowl is larger at the top and smaller on the bottom. The saucer is made to hold the bowl steadily, while the lid can be placed atop the bowl, but won’t fall into it because it’s a little smaller than the mouth of the bowl, but bigger than the body of the bowl. Usually, a covered bowl is made of porcelain.
There’s a philosophy behind the covered bowl regarding its three parts. The bowl is like people, the lid represents the sky, while the saucer represents the Earth. The three parts are all essential to making and drinking tea which, on the other side, represents the thought that the sky, people and Earth are on good terms. The Chinese tea culture, as well as Taoism, puts special focus on the idea of harmony, including the harmony between people, between people and tea, and between people and nature.

Covered Tea Bowl/盖碗(1)

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