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Customer Testimonials

Customers have always inspired us for the excellent services, products and experience – and we are downright passionate about improving even the littlest things. 
Please see what our patients say about us ...

poppy R​






Testimonial 2


After a long day of fighting Christmas shopping crowds on Oxford Street, my friend and I stopped outside this place because we saw massage ads, and were obviously drooling because the lady who worked there came out to invite us in. My back was hurting from carrying my backpack around all day (which was undoubtedly weighted down with chocolate) and her offer of £16 for 20 minutes was too tempting to pass up. I need to mention it was almost 10:00 on a Saturday evening, but there were two masseuses at the ready so my friend and I could have our massages at the same time. Nice! Within a couple minutes, my masseuse led me to my room and proceeded to give me one of the best back massages I've ever had. She asked if I wanted medium or hard pressure, in which I hesitatingly asked for hard, knowing those tiny Asian hands could crush the life out of me. But I had a huge knot in my shoulder and she worked the crap out of it. I left a pile of mush, which is what I want from a massage, and the knot has been gone ever since (though I'm hoping to get another one as an excuse to go back). Next time, I'm springing for the 45-minute full body massage.






Testimonial 1


Wowsaaaaaaaaaaa. You want a good massage in Chinatown that doesn't cost the earth? Come here! Only £30 for 30 minutes. The woman, Rebecca was absolutely brilliant! It felt more like an hour it was so relaxing!


Dear Prof. Gong, 

Time is flying. It has been eight months since the little baby was born. 

I would like to introduce another friend from Mexico, who has suffered similar problem. She is older than me. She was not  able to get pregnant after the first abortion.

Thank you very much for Prof. Gong. Wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year!


I have visited this clinic since 1994. They are experts in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. 

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