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Dr Xu, Guang Wen      Senior TCM Doctor    

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Everwell Chinese Medical Centre


7 Little Newport Street








Tel: 0044(0)20 7287 1086


Fax: 0044 (0)20 7287 6117


Email: London1@everwell.co.uk


Master Degree, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. No: 9200025

Chinese,  English 

Professional info


Senior TCM Doctor, Everwell Chinese Medical Centre, Sept. 2008 - Present


Senior Doctor, in Dr & Herb(UK), Mar 2003 - Sept. 2008



Served Chief physician(Senior Doctor),in the Sixth People's Hospital of Weifang, China. Sep 2001



Served Vice Chief Physician, In the TCM Hospital of Weifang of China. Sep 1994



Advanced studies Cardiovascular medicine, In the Hospital of Dongzhimen, Oct 1993-Aug 1994



Served Vice Chief Doctor, vice president of the TCM Hospital of Urumqi, 1993



Advanced studies Orthopedics,In the Hospital of Shuguang of Shanghai, July 1987-June 1988



Advanced studies, In the Hospital of Changsha of China. May1984-May1985



    Member of British Register of Complementary Practitioners No: OM/351


Member of the General Council of Traditional Chinese Medicine(UK).No: P351



Member of Chinese medical Association(U.S) No:986029

Publications & Achievements


Publications:《The medical side of Chinese Medical treat pain》,《Chinese Medical Liver's terminology 500 sentence》,and 23 Articles published in national academic publications in China and Foreign. The dissertation of “activate Blood and regulate essence to treat infertility “ . And “Inspection glans color distinguish qi and blood,Yin and yang” won the second prize of the Province. “Acupuncture GV20,PC8 and KI-1,treat Hemiplegia”, won the first prize of the city and “Xiao Chai Hu Tang treatment nasosinusitis” won the second prize of the city as well. And received an award at 1993 U.S. Chinese Medicine Association & National Society of Oriental Medicine Academic Seminar. “Using the Theories of Qi to Study Physiological Functions of Liver “ Receive Achievement Award.No: 93225

2010 - present

2010 - present



Dr Xu, Specializes Chinese Medicine, men, women, Osteopathy (bone setting), Acupuncture, pain specialist and the treatment of incurable diseases dermatology etc.


He has 30 years(nearly 10 years in UK) extensive clinical experience in Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage, reflexology. specialist areas include: kinds of pain (neck, shoulder, waist, joint pain, migraine, sciatica,gout,groin pain etc), stroke, hay fever, asthma, obesity, depression, neurosis, insomnia, menopause syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, IBS, constipation, infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, diabetes, dermatological. And stop smoking etc.



Dr. Xu has used traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treated patient more than 60,000 times in UK.




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London5:  24 Lisle Street, London WC2H 7BA

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London6:  9 Adelaide Street, London WC2N 4HZ

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London7:  36 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5QA

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London9:  27 Skylines Village, Canary Wharf, London E14 9XZ                   

      Tel: 020 7515 8118

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London11:  14 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0HR

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London12:  7 Wardour Street, London W1D 6PE

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