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Consultation & Diagnosis


An initial consultation may take 10-30 minutes and consists of a personal examination and diagnosis with our highly qualified professional practitioners.



Very fine sterilised disposable needles are inserted into trigger point (acupoints)  distributed along the 14 major meridian networks throughout the body. The needles may be thrust as far as the joints and muscle ligaments of the body to reach these acupoints.


The needles are then left for a while ( verying from 10-60 minutes ) so that they may full stimulate the body system, encouraging the body to regain balance.



We offer both medical massage(acupressure) and relax massage.

Cupping Therapy


A partial vacuum is created applying suction using a glass cup, stimulating the area being treated by increasing blood circulation. Cupping therapy can be used to treat sprains, soft -tissue injuries , muscular pain and to help relieve fluid from the lungsin in chronic bronchitis.



In moxibustion, a medicinal stickof herbs is used to warm energy point of the body in order to enhance circulation and improve the flow of Qi through the body's meridians .

Ear Candling Treatment



A hollow candlestick made of beeswax and medical herbs is place into the ear and lit, creating a gentle vacuum- like pressure upon the ear drum which can drain blockages in the nose, sinuses and Eustachian tube to relieve pressure and create a calming effect on the mind. 



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Blood Test
Blood Tests


We offer a variety of blood tests to help identify every condition.

Examining an X-Ray_edited.jpg



Chest x-ray







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