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Dr Xiuzhi Zhao / 赵秀芝     TCM Practitioner



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Everwell Chinese Medical Centre

36 Gerrard street

London   W1D 5QA


Tel: 0044(0)20 7287 0805

Fax: 0044 (0)20 7287 0805



Professional info

Chinese,  English 

Professor Dr Zhao, a consultant as a Gynecologist and Vice director at Gynecology Department for 18 years in First Affiliated Hospital, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, China.


She graduated in 1987 after five years full time study in the University possesses a Bachelor Degree of Medical Science (B.Sc.). She had got top class degree. With over 30 years clinical and research experiences, received her Master and Ph.D degree and professorship from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, and is well qualified in both TCM and Western Medicine. She is a TCM practitioner in the UK since 2005, and is a membership of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture UK (ATCM). She specializing in Reproductive and Gynecological medicine, various pain condition and some complex disease.


She has published many academic papers on the professional journals, and master thesis is: “Clinical and Experimental Study on the prevention and treatment of Vaginal Bleeding after Medicinal abortion with Fuxuejing” and Ph.D thesis is: “Studies on Mechanisms of Immunoregulation and Apoptosis of Experimental Endometriosis with Yiweining”.  





2010 - present

2010 - present


Professor of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

Member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK)

Member of British Acupuncture Society





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