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Everwell Chinese Medical Centre

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Fit To Fly Booking

  • 针灸 Acupuncture

  • 草药 Chinese Herbs

  • 推拿 TuiNa(Chinese Treatment Massage)

  • 拔罐 Cupping Therapy

  • 足疗 Reflexology

  • 点穴 Acupressure

  • 耳烛 Ear Candling treatment

We are currently providing Covid-19 Fit To Fly test .  We are one of the top test centres officially designated by the Embassy of P. R. C. in the UK. Our laboratories are UKAS accredited to ISO15189:2012. Our test centre is located in central London, Chinatown, W1D 5QA. Please select the service you want and book your appointment here. For more information, please click here.

Not sure which test you need? Please click here for information .

You can also change or cancel your test bookings by a one-step register/log in here

We currently have a special offer for groups of three or more when booking together. This special offer will expire at the end of October 2021. (Just write all members' name in the booking form.) 

​我们公司是中国大使馆指定检测机构之一。我们的实验室是UKAS 认证的符合ISO15189:2012国际标准。我们竭诚为您提供优质、准确及高效的检测服务。请您选择下面适合您的服务项目,提前预约。祝您检测顺利,旅途愉快!需要了解更多信息,点击这里。 


​一步注册或登录您的账户,可以随时更改或取消预约, 方便快捷。