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EXCLUSIVE: I told Michael Phelps to try cupping - now look at him! Fellow gold medal swimmer tells h

  • Former Team USA swimmer Natalie Coughlin introduced Michael Phelps to cupping about ten years ago

  • She says athletes wear their marks as a 'badge of honor' because they testify to sore muscles and hard workouts

  • Coughlin, who narrowly missed out on an Olympic berth this year, has long been a devotee of cupping

  • She was first introduced to the traditional Chinese therapy by the Australian swimming team

  • As well as Phelps, Coughlin has also introduced cupping to Ryan Lochte, 32, and her team mates at University of California, Berkeley

  • She says the therapy speeds up the recovery process - allowing the likes of Phelps to compete night after night without a break​.

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