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See what our patients says... Dr. Kexin Li -- A Top Expert for Pain Relief

Dr. Kexin Li was graduated from the famous Xiangya Medical University in China with a bachelor's degree in medicine in July 1983. He has been mentored by Professor Tianyu Shang, a famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and received his doctor of medicine degree from the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1992. He had been working in the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1983 and was proficient in the theory, diagnosis and treatment of both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

He has presided over two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Administration and the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau in 1992. Dr. Li had been awarded the title of National Young and Middle-aged Medical Science and Technology Star in 1996.

Dr. Li is good at treating various pain, internal problem and trauma. He has good curative effect in internal, external, women and pediatrics. He has been sent to Switzerland and other countries as a national expert in traditional Chinese medicine to give lectures and practice.

Dr. Kexin Li came to UK in September 1999. He has been practicing medicine in Europe and Britain for nearly twenty years and has a very good reputation. From January 2002, Dr. Li has been working and practising in Everwell Chinese Medical Centre Ltd. from a Chief consultant to the General Mananger.

Clinic Telephone:02072873336 / 020 72876117





诊所电话:02072873336 / 020 72876117


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